About Mochima

Mochima National Park is located in the States of Anzo�tegui and Sucre (state), on the northeastern coast of Venezuela. The park covers 94,935 hectares and is made up of an exclusively marine area in its western sector (Anzo�tegui State), a coastal marine area that includes the Gulf of Santa F� and Mochima Bay, and a mountainous area that covers the Turimiquire Dam watershed (Sucre State). Mochima Park was created to protect the montane forests of the Turimiquire Range and the country's eastern Caribbean Sea marine landscapes, which are exceptionally beautiful.

However, this is one of the most threatened parks in Venezuela. Recently two large construction projects have been in motion which are altering the park permanently. A new national highway is being constructed between Puerto La Cruz and Cumana running directly through the park deforesting a 70+ meter wide swath of parkland along its entire course. Adding to this dilemma is a new natural gas pipeline being built to the east running virtually parallel to the new highway.

Other threats stem from the fact that when the park was created, many human settlements were included inside park boundaries and The National Park Institute(INPARQUES) has been unable to manage the situation properly. Even though educational policies have improved community relations, INPARQUES is highly deficient in terms of park management and administration.