About Cabimas

Cabimas is a town on the shore of Maracaibo Lake in Zulia State in north western Venezuela. Its current population is around 200,859 (2005).

Before 1900, Venezuela was known to possess commercial quantities of petroleum. One major find was the 'Zumaque 1' well in 1914, in the area of Mene Grande, about 50 miles (80 km) southeast of Cabimas. However, it was the blowout of the Barroso No. 2 well in Cabimas in 1922  that marked the beginning of Venezuela's modern history as a major producer.

Cabimas still plays an important role in production from the nation's largest oil fields, which are located around and beneath Lake Maracaibo. However, other fields are increasing in importance, mainly in eastern Venezuela. Most refining in Venezuela takes place in refineries outside of the Cabimas area