About La Asuncion

La Asunci�n is a city in Venezuela. The capital of Nueva Esparta state, it lies on the Isla Margarita in the Caribbean Sea, off the South American mainland.

La Asunci�n was founded in 1565 by Captain Pedro Cervantes de Albornoz and has a current population of approx 28,500  inhabitants. It is situated in a fertile valley surrounded by green hills, right in the center of eastern Margarita, where a fresher climate exist. There are many well preserved colonial buildings, most of them, located around shady Plaza Bolivar. It is the seat of the regional government. The city is overlooked by a beautiful castle, Santa Rosa of La Asunci�n Castle

Asunci�n (full name: Nuestra Se�ora Santa Mar�a de la Asunci�n), a city of 512,112 (1,858,000 in its metropolitan area), is the capital of Paraguay, home of the national government, principal port, and chief industrial and cultural center of the country. It dominates social, cultural, and economic trends in the nation.

Asunci�n is a charming city, with beautiful flowering trees and large parks. Its buildings reflect its colonial era. Located where the Pilcomayo River joins the Paraguay River, it served as a gateway to the South American heartland, and was thus crucial to Spain as it colonized the continent. As the city developed along the riverbank, fertile land supported the growing population and the city prospered.

This city that was founded by Spanish explorers on the feast day of the Assumption in 1537, is the capital of a country that has since been devastated by wars, civil war, has been under extended periods of authoritarian rule, underwent two military coups, has drifted through a lengthy period of economic stagnation, and was under international scrutiny for human rights abuses in 2008. While Paraguay remains one of the poorest nations in Latin America, it has made significant progress since the 1990s. It elected its first civilian president in over 40 years, re-wrote its constitution and