About Guarenas

Guarenas is a city in Miranda, Venezuela. It was established in 1621 as Nuestra Se´┐Żora de Copacabana de los Guarenas. On February 27, 1989, a morning protest in this city over the recent nationwide hike in bus fares, spread to Caracas, the capital of Venezuela, which resulted in several days of rioting known today as the Caracazo. Today, Guarenas has virtually merged with its neighbor, Guatire. As of 2006, its population has been estimated at 185,010.

The Curupao Power Plant, which was inaugurated in 1933, still provides electricity to Guarenas and Guatire.

Guarenas is the birthplace of Dodgers baseball left fielder Juan Rivera.

The state owned movie production facilities, the Villa del Cine, is situated in the city