About Rubio

Rubio is a town in the Venezuelan Andean state of T�chira. Founded in 1794 by Gervasio Rubio, this town is the shire town of the Jun�n Municipality and, according to the 2001 Venezuelan census, the municipality has a population of 68,869.

Rubio is one of the largest towns in the state of T�chira. Its importance derives from its coffee production and the nearby commerce that exists with Colombia. Venezuela's former president, Carlos Andr�s P�rez, was also born in Rubio.

Rubio has beautiful natural tunnels called La Cueva de los Miagros. There are some rivers and waterfalls on the outskirts of town. The town has many bridges especially in Old Rubio. For this reason it is called "Ciudad Pontalida" or "City of Bridges." Rubio is located in the west of Estado T�chira and is a 40 minute drive from San Crist�bal, the capital of T�chira