History of Guayabal

At the end of 1749 Fray Tomas Bernardo de Castro was instructed to found a new town in the most immediate Guárico river. In step and port on the River and not far from San Jeronimo herd that will name the fledgling town. Some people are due to their llaneros Tenson First humility and patience with Indians guamos Camaguán much they want and obey. Guayabal becomes a strategic solution. It would also be a way of better access to the other side of Apure in the rainy season through the estuary that was formed from Camaguán to the east and south to the vicinity of the fluid communication hindered rush from Dungeon. In Guayabal take the southern route through the rivers Guarico Apurito and Apure to reach San Fernando or Arichuna, with which it maintained close contact in the area. In 1795 it is noted that in San Jeronimo de Guayabal are buried and administered sacrament and in good faith asestaba pastor founded in 1768 fray Camaguán Joaquin Maria de Málaga, in whose jurisdiction the new community emerge guariqueña