About Palmira

Palmyra is a town in the state of Tachira , Venezuela , capital of Gu�simos Town , founded in 1627 by Fernando Saavedra .

It is located in a damp plain on the northern edge of the C�rdenas municipality at an altitude of 1100 m has an average temperature of 20 � C. According to projections OCEI had a population of approximately 25,000 inhabitants in 2000 .

In the area there are five workshops:

    Diocesan Seminary "St. Thomas Aquinas", who is also a university.

    Franciscan Missionary Seminary "St. Joseph of Cupertino", OFM Conv.

    Seminar "Augustinian Palmira".

    Seminar Mercedario "San Pedro Nolasco".

    Passionist Seminary "Mother of Holy Hope."

The village is part of the metropolitan area of San Cristobal , while retaining their own traditions and celebrations and municipal self-government.

Palmira is a popular craft on the road is a busy tourist corridor