Economy of Krasnodar

Krasnodar is the economic center of southern Russia. For several years, Forbes magazine named Krasnodar the best city for business in Russia. In the industrial sector of the city has more than 130 large and medium-sized enterprises.

The main industries of Krasnodar:

*    Agriculture and food industry: 42.8%

*    Energy sector: 13.4%

*    Fuel industry: 10.5%

*    Machine construction: 9.4%

*    Forestry and chemical industries: about 4%

In Krasnodar is a highly developed commercial area. Krasnodar has the largest turnover in the SFD. Retail trade turnover in 2010 reached 290 billion RUB. Krasnodar is the first in Russia in the number of malls (per capita). Note that in the crisis year 2009 turnover of Krasnodar continued to grow, while most of the cities showed a negative trend of circulation of goods.

Tourism comprises a large part of Krasnodar's economy. There are more than 80 hotels in Krasnodar