Climate in Krasnodar

Krasnodar has a humid subtropical climate.

Winters are cold and damp, with unstable snow cover. The average temperature in January, the area's coldest month, is 32 F (0 C). Weather conditions in winter vary greatly. Temperatures can exceed 68 F (20 C) for a few days, but temperatures below ?4 F (?20 C) are not uncommon for Krasnodar as the city is not protected by mountains from cold waves. Summers are typically hot with a July average of 75.2 F(24.0 C).

The city receives 28.26 inches (718 mm) of precipitation annually, fairly spread throughout the year. Extreme storms are rare in the Krasnodar area. Extreme temperatures have ranged from -27.2 to 104 F (-33 to 40 C), recorded on January 11, 1940 and July 30, 2000, respectively