About Tapah

Tapah is the administrative town of the district Batang Padang, Perak, Malaysia (with coordinates: 4.20°N 101.26°E).
The name "Tapah" is said to be originated from the name of a fresh water fish, "Ikan Tapah". The scientific name of the fish is Wallago attu. The locals said that the name has been taken from the Malay-Perak dialect word which means "no worry".
The Batang Padang River flows through this town, which is located on the main road between Kuala Lumpur and Ipoh. Major neighbouring towns are Kampar and Bidor. There is an entrance to the North-South Expressway at Tapah. This town is also widely considered as the main entry point into the old Cameron Highlands route, which is a winding and narrow road uphill. The nearest train station is Tapah Road. The Lata Kinjang waterfall is about 18 km from Tapah on the road to Chenderiang. It is an impressive series of cascades down a 100 m drop. The falls can be seen from the North-South Expressway.
Tapah Road (pop. ~7,000) is a small town which is located near Tapah, in the state of Perak, in Malaysia. The population consists of 40% Muslim Malays, 30% Chinese, 20% Indians and a few indigenous