About Kuala Pilah

Kuala Pilah is a town and district in Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Commonly called Pilah by the mainly Malay Minangkabau inhabitants, it is also the name of a district. It is an old valley town with many of the pre-war Chinese shop houses still fronting the main streets surrounded by traditional style Malay village houses built on stilts nestled amongst extensive rice fields. Among the local specialities are Minangkabau food like, masak lemak cili api and daging salai masak kichap.

Kuala Pilah town itself is a main stopover for transport routes. It has a sizable Chinese community that has existed since the mining days during the early British rule. This community today engage in trading and providing essential services such as workshops, hairdressing and coffee shops.

Kuala Pilah main road

On the main road is a Chinese-styled arch dedicated to Martin Lister who was the first British Resident of Negeri Sembilan, commemorating his effort in ending the intermittent violent conflict between Chinese secret societies then rampant amongst the migrant Chinese populace. Lister was killed by his enemies in the nearby hills at Ulu Bendul. The old Kuala Pilah Rest house was a government built rest house during the British occupation. In the early years, rest houses were the only available hotels and where everyone from businessmen to travellers stayed. Today it still serves this purpose, albeit in a diminished capacity due to the availability of alternative accommodation.

A small town. A police station situated nearby the Pejabat Tanah dan Daerah and next to it was TNB office and also a Kuala Pilah District Masjid close to each other. There's a new District Hospital named Hospital Daerah Tuanku Najihah, at the main road towards Seremban Town. Weekends are busy usually those from K.L. folks returning to their home town, visiting their parents, tending to family plots, where around the area is mostly Malays that migrated to Kuala Lumpur in search