History of Limbang

Loss of Limbang to Sarawak was badly effected the economic and political stability of Brunei

*Sultan Hashim Protested to British Goverment and demanded that Charles Brooke be punished

*The British Goverment send its new consul for Borneo and Trevenan to investigate the situation in Limbang

*The findings were invalid->only 15 of 33 local chiefs were present.

*The 15 local chief were Brooke's officer and the sultan refused to accept Trevenan

*Sir Cecil Clementismith,the British High commissioner suggested that Charles Brooke have to pay $6000 to Sultan Hashim as a result Sultan refused.

*The British Government ignored Sultan's refusal to cede Limbang

*In August 1895 the British Goverment embrassed by Sultan's refusal to accept compensation from Charles Brooke and announced that the matter was closed