Travel to Limbang

By plane

[Limbang] (LMN) got a new airport in 2004. It lies about 5km from town on the road to Pandaruan and Temburong.

MASWings, which took over the rural air service from Fly Asian Xpress (FAX)]in October 1, 2007, links Limbang with the Sarawakian towns of Miri and Lawas, where there are onward flights to Kota Kinabalu, thus providing the opportunity to fly over expensive Brunei if travelling between Sabah and Sarawak.

•    To/from Lawas: Flights operate on Mondays and Wednesdays. The fights originate and end in Miri.

•    To/from Miri: There are two daily flights between Miri and Limbang using the new MASWings' ATR aircraft. There are no longer Twin Otter or Fokker flights operated between Miri and Limbang.

•    To/from Kota Kinabalu: Two flights weekly on Wednesdays and Fridays with the Twin Otter.

By bus

•    To/From Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei: You can catch the KK to Bandar bus which passes through Limbang. There are some coffee shops on the main road which the bus uses as angents and can sell tickets. The bus also stops outside these shops.

•    To/From Miri: There are no direct buses between Miri and Limbang. From Limbang, you will have to catch a bus to the Tedungan border checkpoint and then catch another bus to Bandar Seri Begawan before making your way to Miri. See above for details to get to Tedungan, and the Bandar Seri Begawan and Brunei pages for connections to Miri.

•    To/From Nanga Medamit: Several buses a daily make their way to Nanga Medamit, the actual start or ending of the Headhunters' Trail to/from Gunung Mulu National Park.

•    To/From Temburong, Brunei: Regular buses make their way from the bus terminal to Pandaruan where you can catch a ferry across the river to Puni in the Temburong district of Brunei. You will have to take