About Talca

Talca The name stems from the word of Mapudungun , Talka means "thunder".

About Talca there a curious local reference which is called " Talca, Paris , and London " . Although there is no consensus, some argue that this saying originates in a hat that existed in the city, whose owner was a Frenchman (Jean-Pierre Lagarde), and labels embroidered hats said, "Talca, Paris and London" . Others, however, believe that the current formula is a derivation of the original phrase spoken by an Englishman "Talca seems London", by the abundant fog that often covers the city in the winter, like the UK capital.

Talca is also known as:

The city of Piduco , by the stream that runs through Talca from east to west, emptying into the river course.

The City of Thunder , by the etymology of his name.

The city is an important economic center, with agricultural (wheat) and manufacturing activities, as well as wine production. It is also the location of the Universidad de Talca and the Catholic University of Maule, among others. The Catholic Church of Talca has held a prominent role in the history of Chile.