About San Alfonso

San Alfonso del Mar is a residential and resort located in Algarrobo Chile , along the Pacific Ocean . It is approximately  kilometers from Santiago de Chile . It was conceived in the year  by businessman Fernando Fischmann .

This exhibition features more than , apartments in  buildings, all facing the sea and overlooking the pool. Each building has a private beach.

It is notable for having the pool world's largest, according to the Guinness Book of Records .

This artificial lake is   m long and   m maximum depth, contains  million liters of crystal clear salt water , which is extracted directly from the sea, covering an area of about   has .  Cleaning and clarity of its waters is due to a single procedure in the world, called oxygen saturation pressure oxygenation (SaO). This system not only allows huge masses of water purification but uses  times less chemicals than traditional processes.

The pool was built in five years by the Chilean company Crystal Lagoons .  Thanks to its unusual dimensions, in the pool of San Alfonso del Mar you can practice water sports such as diving , windsurfing , sailing, etc.. To build this pool is required an investment of $ . million.

Besides the lagoon, San Alfonso del Mar has a large amount of equipment, as the aquarium 's largest country, a beach with heated pool, several restaurants, sports equipment, water slides, supermarket, boats, monitored  hours a day , spa, and other amenities