About Farellones

Originally Farellones was formed as a small village in late 1937 when the landowner what lote´┐Ż to form a village, because since the 1930s principos there were some fans who ventured to ski practice nearby.

Currently Farellones has no more than 2 or 3 ski slopes, but through their lifts are accessible El Colorado, located 5 kilometers above the hill of the same name, with a maximum height of 3,333 meters and a height of 903 m, has an average of 5 m of snowfall in a normal year. Among Farellones and El Colorado, has a total of 62 pitches, 11 for beginners, 6 for intermediate skiers, 33 for advanced and expert 12 to 1

Farellones also be accessed from the road to Valle Nevado , La Parva and El Colorado