About Quintay

Quintay is a coastal town in Chile located in the vicinity of Valpara�so and 122 km from Santiago de Chile. Currently Quintay is composed of the following areas or neighborhoods: La Caleta ,  The Village ,  La Playa Grande,  Playa Chica, place with dense vegetation, the beach is surrounded by rock forming a lagoon inside, Beach brava, mainly rock and vegetation-not-suitable for swimming, and St. Augusta Quintay Condominium , which was built starting in  , in what was once the Fundo Santa Augusta, which is made up of a lot of houses and apartments, of great beauty, it was built respecting and taking advantage of the splendid terrain,

The southern coast Quintay side is steep, rocky and uneven, while on the north side features a white sand beach about 1 km long, in the northern end is a steep hill called Curauma, that language Mapuche means "Stone Mountain", dotted with towering cliffs and rock formations that fall into the sea.

The hills surrounding Quintay also form a mountain range that keeps the protected area of the prevailing winds from the south. These hills are not a gradual decline, but are different levels of steep slopes generate horizontal planes and plateaux where lie the houses of the fishermen, the village and spa construction sector