About Quilpue

Quilpué is a commune in Chile , capital of the Province of Marga-Marga , one in the Valparaíso Region .There are several theories about the origin of the word. According to some Quilpué means 'Place of Doves', that is, where the doves abound especially if the name comes from the Mapudungun cullpo ('dove') and Hue ('location, place, region'). But for others it means 'Place of the Stone Lancet', because, it is said, the picunches, Aborigines living in this area, were experts in making those items that were used for bloodletting, a very handy medicinal art that was used even by the Chilean population well into the Colony. In fact, the stone that was used for these lancets is still very abundant throughout the length of the valley in which it sits Quilpué commune. Quilpué is also famous for the Stones of Cups, which had not yet fully established use. Even in the late nineteenth century archaeological sites could be found where the stones prevailed cups used by the natives of the area, some examples of which-although often relegated to corners away from public view, as if it were shameful modesty-are placed in the Plaza Irarrázabal. Already in the nineteenth century is known that most of the megalithic monuments in the area were destroyed, dynamite, by ignorant people who believed in it had huge amounts of gold "hidden by the