About Porvenir

With an area of approximately 9707.4 km2 and a population of 5,465 people (2,158 women and 3,307 men according to the 2002 census), the town of Porvenir home to 3.62% of the total population of the region of Magallanes. Of this, 13.38% up to 86.62% rural population to urban population (2002 Census Data). Integra along with the municipalities of Puerto Natales , Torres del Paine , Punta Arenas , Rio Verde , Laguna Blanca , Spring , San Gregorio , Timaukel , and Cape Horn Precinct No. 60, and belongs to the 19th Senatorial District ( Magallanes ) .

The crossing of the Strait is on the new Ferry Crux Australis replacing the old Melinka barge, ship and multipurpose passenger cars, in 2 hours 10 minutes made the itinerary of Three Bridges ( Punta Arenas ) to Bahia Chilota Tuesday to Sunday . The ferry from Punta Arenas Chilota docks in Bay, 5 km, from where bus service.

Porvenir has an airport located 15 minutes from the city, museums, hotels, restaurants and other tourist services. Stresses the Provincial Museum Rusque Fernando Cordero , created in 1980, displaying a photo exhibit of archaeological and selk'nam (extinct aborigines of the island) and information about the discovery and exploitation of gold from 1881, a remarkable collection of altarpieces of the most remarkable houses of Tierra del Fuego, and a section of natural history, archeology and ethnography