Travel to Valparaiso


Elevators in Valparaiso.

Because of the steepness of the hills, many of the surrounding areas of the city are inaccessible by public transportation. That is why theelevators serve the function of communicating to the top of the city with the plan, in addition to being strong tourist references. The first elevator was built in Cerro Concepción in 1883 and was steam. The Cerro Cordillera elevator was built in 1887.

Valparaiso has currently declared with 15 lifts Landmarks by the National Monuments Council. Five are municipal property and the remaining belong to four private companies. The elevators are elevators municipal Baron (detained for work), Polanco, El Peral, Queen Victoria, and St. Augustine (detained for jobs).

Owned by the National Company SA Lifts are elevators Florida, Butterflies and Nuns. For its part, belong to the Society of Mechanical Lifts lifts Valparaiso Artillery , Cordillera and Conception, while Valparaíso Elevators Company SA owns the elevators Larrain, Holy Spirit and Villaseca (stopped for repairs). Finally, the Company's Cerro Elevators Ltd. owns Dairy Milk Elevator (stopped by a fire).


 Trolley Pullman moving through the streets of Valparaiso

Other means of public transport is the trolleybus , popularly known as trolley , electric vehicles, built on the former Pullman-Standard Company Unidos.Comenzaron States to serve with great pomp on December 31, 1952, five years later than in Santiago.  This date was highly anticipated by locals, as it was the day we were leaving the old electric tram service, with the same joy that they had received in 1903 when it replaced the blood carts which were pulled by Percheron horses and strong the rails resting on the cobblestones.

In the early 1990s were purchased in Switzerland articulated trolleybuses used the manufacture dates between 1965 and