About Tome

Tomé is a port city and commune in the Biobío Region of Chile. The origin of the word is unclear Tomé. Some say it comes from a plant called sedge (Scirpus riparius) that was abundant in the area, to which the Mapuche called "trome" common name-tagua tagua or estoquilla. Its leaves are used for weaving.

Another version states that corresponds to the name of the Mapuche cacique that ruled the area for the arrival of the Spanish, Ulmen Thonmé Lel, who is mentioned by Alonso de Ercilla y Zuniga in " La Araucana ".

In the eighteenth century Tomé became known as "Puerto de la Herradura" as reported in the geographical map of South America (1775) by Juan de la Cruz Cano and Omedilla