Economy of SanFrancisco

In the town dominates the fishing industry, industrial, commercial and financial and raising small flocks.

The main industries of the city of Maracaibo is located in the Industrial Area of ??San Francisco, CEMEX Venezuela, Vencemos, Polar, among others by what is considered the industrial heart of the city. Agro industries and sea are also important part of the town's economy.

He has extensive urban area bordering the Maracaibo Municipality, where the predominant economic activity is the tertiary (parishes San Francisco, Francisco Ochoa, and Domitila Flores to the north), also has farming in San Francisco parishes and Lower , Domitila Flores and Marcial Hemández latter is characterized by the production of fruits and vegetables of all kinds, especially raw onions with the use of the "barbecue".

For livestock excel Domitila parishes flowers and Villas in the production of cattle, sheep and goats. Fishing activity, being coastal town, takes place in San Francisco parishes and bass. Township Agricultural production scarcely serves to cover local demand.

Science and Technology: The headquarters of the Venezuelan Scientific Research Institute campus Zulia, is located in this county, in Maracaibo Botanical Garden, adjacent to the Air Base Rafael Urdaneta. The IVIC is an agency under the Ministry of Popular Power for Science, Technology and Intermediate Industries