About Ciudad Guayana

Guayana City, in Spanish Ciudad Guayana, is a city in Bol�var State, Venezuela. It lies south of the Orinoco, where the river is joined by the Caron� River. The city, officially founded in 1961, is actually composed of the old town of San F�lix at the east and the new town of Puerto Ordaz at the west, which lie either banks of the Caron� and are connected by three bridges. The city stretches 40 kilometers along the south bank of the Orinoco. With approximately one million people, it is a large city by Venezuelan standards. It is also the country's fastest-growing city, due to its important iron industry.

It is one of Venezuela's five most important ports, since most goods produced in Bol�var are shipped through it into the Atlantic Ocean, via the Orinoco river. Ciudad Guayana is also the location of the Second Orinoco crossing.

It is served by Manuel Carlos Piar Guayana Airport