Economy of Shimoni


The Shimoni slave caves used by slave traders up until the 19th century are now a tourist attraction.

Shimoni Slave Caves Office

Shimoni Slave Caves Gift Shop

The Shimoni Slave Cave tours are one of the primary attractions for Shimoni. It is a historical site and restaurant. As it is a community project, all proceeds go to several other community initiatives: "1) Sponsoring bright poor students. 2) Buying drugs for our local dispensary. 3) Buying food for the deaf unit at Kichakamkwaju. 4) Paying salaries for school and madrasa PTA teachers and other community needs."

Shimoni's tourist attractions include scuba diving centers such as Pilli Pippa and Paradise Divers (located in Mkwiro) which take divers within and outside protected marine areas at Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park.

Smugglers Bar

Lodging choices are Betty's Camp, Shimoni Coral Reef Lodge, and Shimoni Gardens Resort. A little further away is a small no frills gem in the neighboring village, Mwazaro: Mwazaro Mangrove Lodge. The Mwazaro Mangrove Lodge hosts many kite-surfing enthusiasts and offers lessons.

Abdul's Four Tables restaurant

Additionally, Shimoni has many restaurants such as ABC Restaurant and Abdul's Four Tables. Smugglers Bar, Best Bar, and Wayside Bar serves food as well as drinks.

Wasini Island lies 2 km South of Shimoni with Wasini channel separating Wasini from the mainland. Wasini Island's two major villages are Mkwiro and Wasini.

The Reef Hotel in Shimoni

Located on well-stocked fishing grounds, the adjacent Pemba Channel has a world wide reputation for sports angling. Many of IGFAKenya, All Africa and World Records are obtained here