About Chala

Chala is a crater lake  located in the caldera  on the border between  Kenya and Tanzania in the east end of Mount Kilimanjaro, near the town Moshija and 8 kilometers north of the town of Taveta . Colors Jazeera varies throughout the year, from the dark and all over turquoise to green. The lake is surrounded by a high wall of the crater 100 meters. The lake receives water mainly from Mount Kilimanjaro which amounts to 10 million cubic meters of water.  However, the lake is reduced. Specifically, in the last six years the lake level dropped to 240 inches, and at the beginning of the 2011th water back into the lake, and he raised the level by one meter. The lake is home of endemic fish Oreo chromis Hunter  , which is highly endangered and is on the IUCN's red list .  in the lake in the early 20th Century inserted dwarf crocodiles that have proliferated.  The  2002nd crocodiles have killed a woman who was swimming  , and local fishermen angry they crocodiles rip these same networks and relationships catches have risen. She started to chase them, and largely shot and poisoned. Scientists believe the lake has remained a single crocodile.  a lot of tourists visiting the lake, and on the Tanzanian side of the lake is open all year round camp