About Kwale

Kwale is a small town in Coast Province, Kenya. It is next to the Shimba Hills National Reserve. The colorful town of mombasa can be seen from Golini due to its high altitude. Past Kwale is The Shimba Hills Hotel and Mwaluganje Elephant Sanctuary running along the KWS (Kenya Wildlife Service) strip. Kwale is the main town of the Digo and Duruma. These people belong to the Mijikenda ethnic group of the Coast Province of Kenya. Other tribes found in the district include the Kambas, Arabs and Indians though to a very small proportion compared to the Digos and Durumas.The area extends from Shika Adabu in the south, to Kinango and then southwards to Lunga-Lunga on the border with Tanzania.

The area MP is former ambassador Chirau Ali Mwakwere who is in his second term in office (2002-present). His election to a second term was shrouded in controversy as his opponent on an ODM ticket, Mr. Hassan Mwanyoha, claims that the elections were rigged in Mwakwere's favour. The case was decided in Mr. Mwanyoha's favour and a by-election ordered. In the by-election, Mr. Mwakwere soundly defeated his nearest rival, Mr. Mwanyoha by more than 6000 votes. Before Mr. Mwakwere, the area MP was Mr. Suleiman Kamole who succeeded Boy Juma Boy