About Shimoni

Shimoni is a port village and tourist destination in south eastern Kenya near the border with Tanzania.

This small town is known for its British colonial ruins and slave caves which are the focus of attraction for several community-based projects. In addition, the Shimoni forest, coast, and marine ecosystems are an ever-present attraction. Therefore it is no surprise that Kenya Wildlife Service's headquarters for the Kisite-Mpunguti Marine Protected Area is located in Shimoni.

One of Shimoni's well-kept mosques

In certain seasons, the aromatic smell of cloves permeates the evening calls to prayer in the town's two main mosques. Still, Shimoni is a relatively religiously diverse area, with a substantial minority of Christians. Additionally, the villagers are aware of the benefits behind the tourism industry and thus are often very gracious and welcoming to tourists. Many villagers own and operate businesses that cater to tourists. However, the majority of the population still relies heavily upon traditional fishing, subsistence farming, and exploiting forest resources.

Shopping in Shimoni: Besides gift shops in and around the Shimoni's tourist attractions, shops such as Shikoo's Shop, located along the main road, offer excellent quality kikois, paintings, bags, and dresses

Currently, Shimoni, while rural, still has access to electricity and wireless internet (which is not free). While there are no banks or ATMs in Shimoni, there are four M-PESA agents along the main roads and one post office. Additionally, there is a new internet cafe that was established in early April, 2012, called Bum Bum's. Bum Bum's uses an eithernet connection with 4 computers. It also offers a wireless connection and access to a web cam upon request. While several wells exist in the village, and bottled water is often sold in the dukas and shops along the main roads, Shimoni lacks a reliable supply of fresh water.

Shimoni Post Office,