About Guama

Guama, is the capital of the municipality of Sucre , Venezuela. Known as the Athens of Yaracuy under that its inhabitants there is a high rate of university graduates. Presumably was founded in the year 1620 with the name of San Juan de Guama . This town is situated on the banks of the massif aroe�o, bounded on the north by the town of Quigua , on the south by the Pan American Highway and the hamlet of Los Chucos . On the east by the neighboring population of Jaime , belonging to Cocorote municipality and to the west by the neighboring town of San Pablo, capital of the Municipality Aristides Bastidas .

Please note that the Chief General Jose Antonio Paez former independence leader and president of Venezuela in three periods ( 1830 - 1 835 , 1839 - 1,643 ; 1 861 - one thousand eight hundred sixty-three ), spent his childhood and most of his youth in this town, where received their first lessons in private school teacher Gregoria Diaz. Alongside his brother Bernardo Fernandez plays some minor trading tasks. However in 1807 , performing trade activities while returning from Cabudare, was assaulted in the woods by 4 thugs Mayurup�; Paez killed one of them and routed to the other, but this forced him to flee to the plains where be forged as The Centaur of the Plains.

Guamanian is a recognized artist and military Carmelo Fern�ndez which was released for the first time on June 30 of 1809 , his parents Jos� Mar�a Luisa Fernandez and Paez, which was a sister of General Paez. He studied in Caracas and New York where he left without culmination Engineering studies, getting ready quickly in the patriot army where he served until the mid-30s. He made ??countless activities between his country and Colombia . His remains rest in the National Pantheon since August 18th of 1983