Culture of Cabimas

Celebrated in October each year, with a beauty pageant contest, the winner is styled Queen of the Rosary Fair. There are:

*    live concerts;

*    the Procession of Our Lady of the Rosary (one of the depictions of Virgin Mary, Our Lady of the Rosary is considered the saint protector of Spain and Cabimas)

*   the Chamber of Trade and Industry of Cabimas Exposition (EXPOCAICOC);

*    mechanical games, such as wheel of fortune; a roller coaster, pirate ship, haunted house and more;

*    civic bands and parades.

House of the Culture of Cabimas. Rosario street with Rotaria street, next to UNERMB. There is the municipal public library, the archeological museum, with aboriginal cultures remains (native Americans), the colony and the beginnings of the oil industry. It also contains a dance and theater school, a civil band and a literary center, where the writer's society of Cabimas meets