History of Bahau

he earliest recorded role of the area around Bahau is as a town along the "Denai Penarikan" a water-land route through the interior of Peninsular Malaysia, linking Malacca in the West Coast, to Pekan, Pahang in the East Coast. The "Denai Penarikan" or the "Pulling Route" is a land route where merchants would pull their boats across land from Sungai Muar which flows westwards to Sungai Serting which flows eastwards.

The town did not flourish until the arrival of Chinese settlers moving inland in search of tin ore. The Chinese settlers established the town of Bahau and nearby Mahsan, and the town grew as the rubber, palm oil and timber trade (fading industry) began to dominate the town's economy.

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As for the schools, there are 14 Tamil schools in the outskirts of Bahau. While, there are 2 main Chinese schools in the middle of the Bahau town