Location of Migori

The altitude is roughly 1500 meters at Kakrao descending by 100 metres into the Migori river. The different peaks near the town are a little over 1550 metres above sea level.

Rainfall is in two seasons like the most of Kenya and the highest rainfall is between March and May. Average rainfall is approximately 1200mm and above but the rainfall patterns are unique, as the small town has three rainfall patterns. It could rain in Kakrao but around Onyalo school would be very dry and Namba would have a slight drizzle.

The soils are well drained and tending to loamy. This favors the cultivation of tobacco, sugarcane, maize, beans, coffee, groundnuts and vegetables.

The town is home to the Luo, but recent migration has introduced a significant number of Maragolis. It is not surprising thus, that many villagers around the town speak Maragoli and Luo. There are also significant numbers of Kisiis, Kikuyus(Though the unfortunate skirmishes of 2007 left many of the Kikuyus traumatised). The language of business is Kiswahili which shows the big difference with other Luo dominated towns.

The Church and Mosque life is very vibrant and at times very loud but this is expected to change with the new Noise laws introduced by Nema