Economy of Migori

Trade and mining

There has been gold mining activities in the area. Mining was centered in Macalader area of Migori on the way to Sori (Karungu Bay).

Most activity is centered on the main highway that crosses the town. Most activity is Small and Micro enterprises largely the Jua Kali with a concentration in auto mechanics, furniture works,tailoring, welding, trade and agriculture. Agricultural produce comes from surrounding areas like Ngege, oyani,anjego etc. Other profit making organisations include Barclays, KCB,K-rep, family finance, Co-op and post banks.

There is a National cereals board depot.

Plants and wildlife

Some common trees include Bondo (Euphorbia candelabrum),Ochwoga (Carissa edulis),Mukinduri (Croton megalocarpus), Ngow (Ficus nataliensis), Onera (Terminalia brownii), Toona does well in the area but most trees are multi-branched which may indicate bud borer trouble. Terminalia catappa, Cypress(lusitanica variant) does well in the area and some pine has been grown successfully.

The birdlife here is varied with many records of blue flycatcher, blue spotted wood dove, harrier hawk, bat hawk,baglafecht weaver, tawny eagle, purple grenadier,beautiful sunbird,yellow billed stork,hadada ibis, African citril,cape turtle dove,paradise flycatcher,yellow white eye,white browed robin chat,black headed gonolek,Black kite etc