Economy of Dong Hoi

The Hòn La bay is a 4-square-km bay, with the depth up to 15 m, suitable to develop into a deep-water sea port, a port is currently (as of 2006) under construction north of Đồng Hới, the port when finished will be able to accommodate ships up to 50,000 metric tons, located on a 32ha of land, has a loading capacity of 10-12 million tonnes per year and is expected to facilitate business for Quang Binh's industrial and economic zones once operational. Two industrial parks (Northwest Đồng Hới Industrial Park and Hòn La Industrial Park) are also under construction and partially available now to investors. The city achieved an average economic growth rate of 12.5% during 2001-2005 period. The economic contributors for 2005 were as follows: industry and construction accounting for 35.5%, services 50.9%, agriculture-forestry-fishery 13.6%. GDP per capital in 2005 was $750