Climate in Dong Hoi

Like all provinces in north and north central of Vietnam, there are four distinct seasons in Đồng Hới. In the spring, it is cool, humid and foggy. The average annual temperature is 24.40C, average rainfall varies from 1,300 – 4,000 mm, total sunshine hours per year is 1,786 hours, average annual moisture is around 84%. The city has monsoon climate with three types of wind: southeast wind (gió nồm), southwest wind (gió nam), and northeast wind.

Although the city is located by the sea, its climate is subject to drought in the summer, this is largely due to the dry southwest wind from Gulf of Thailand (this flow of wind is wet but when it passes to Vietnam, Annamite Range mountain range keeps its humidity to cause rains in Laos but drought in central Vietnam). It is rainy in the fall but the weather is comfortable with the temperature around 26 to 31 degrees Celsius. In the winter, due to the northeast wind blowing from the Chinese mainland, the temperature may go down below 18 degrees Celsius, and there may be slight rain. The highest precipitation gets highest level in August (118.4 mm), compared to just 38.9 mm in January