Economy of Zaraza

Its inhabitants are engaged in the livestock industry, agriculture, trade and tourism. It has little industrial development with the use of raw materials, but in the area there milk processing, grain-storing and artisanal cheese production.


It has several centers of industrial activity

�    Prollosa (Orienta Llano Dairy SA)

�    Sawmills

�    Grain storage in silos

�    Processing flour

�    Business Technical Assistance to producer (5)

�    Construction


The municipality is suitable for cattle raising. This activity represents an important segment of the Area.


Provide highly fertile soils for crops such as sorghum, maize, rice, snuff, cotton, etc.


Festivals and regional activities, provide intermittent but effective source of income to artisans and other peripheries of this business.

For the month of February, Chintz and all his people, is prepared with great excitement to celebrate the most important event Carnavalesco Guarico State and Eastern Llano Venezuela , they are the only ones that attract so many tourists to the people, that this era, the hotel reserves reaches 90% of total capacity in Zaraza, officials of the Chamber of Tourism Pedro Zaraza Municipality , for more extensive information, see: Carnival Tour of Eastern Llano