About Catia La Mar

Catia La Mar is a city and port in the municipality of Vargas, in the State of Vargasin Maiquet�a, Venezuela. It is Maiquetia's neighbor to the west.

Catia la Mar is about 10 minutes from Sim�n Bol�var International Airport(Venezuela's main airport).

Named after a 16th century chief, Catia, contemporary of the famous Guaicaipuro, the city hosts a naval academy and university, a fishing port called La Zorra, and several beaches (Costa Dorada, Playa La Zorra, Playa Candilejas, Puerto Viejo). Its main neighborhoods are Atlantida, Playa Grande, P�ez, Ezequiel Zamora, La Lucha, and La Soublette.

According to a 1999 census, the city claims over 127,000 inhabitants.

The city was affected by the 1999 Vargas tragedy