About Catia La Mar

Catia La Mar is a city and port in the municipality of Vargas, in the State of Vargasin Maiquetía, Venezuela. It is Maiquetia's neighbor to the west.

Catia la Mar is about 10 minutes from Simón Bolívar International Airport(Venezuela's main airport).

Named after a 16th century chief, Catia, contemporary of the famous Guaicaipuro, the city hosts a naval academy and university, a fishing port called La Zorra, and several beaches (Costa Dorada, Playa La Zorra, Playa Candilejas, Puerto Viejo). Its main neighborhoods are Atlantida, Playa Grande, Páez, Ezequiel Zamora, La Lucha, and La Soublette.

According to a 1999 census, the city claims over 127,000 inhabitants.

The city was affected by the 1999 Vargas tragedy