About Cumana

Cuman� is the capital of Venezuela's Sucre State. It is located 402 km east of Caracas. Cuman� was one of the first settlements founded by Europeans in mainland America, although attacks by indigenous peoples meant it had to be refounded several times.

The city, located at the mouth of the Manzanares River on the Caribbean coast in the NE of Venezuela, is home to one of five campuses of the Universidad de Oriente and a busy maritime port, home of one of the largest tuna fleets in Venezuela. The city is close to the Mochima National Park which boasts some of Venezuela's finest beaches.

This beautiful city of Cuman� saw the birth of several national heroes of and contributors to the Independence, movement among whom it can count Antonio Jose de Sucre, the �Gran Mariscal de Ayacucho�, first among generals and President of Bolivia; and next to him the Brigadier General D. Juan Francisco Echeto, brave fighter for Venezuelan independence who did not allow his multiple battle wounds lessen his thirst for liberty. Cuman� was also fortunate to give birth to eminent poets, writers and politicians like Andr�s Eloy Blanco, one of our most important contributors to Latin-American poetry and famous politician; and Jos� Antonio Ramos Sucre, distinguished poet and diplomat