About Mariupol

Mariupol is the city in southeastern Ukraine situated by the Sea of Azov north coast, at the mouth of the Kalmius. By population, it's the tenth largest city in the Ukraine  and second largest in the Donetsk oblast  which is 492,176 citizens. It was granted city rights in 1778. Originally founded as a Cossack fortress, Mariupol has been a centre for the grain trade, metallurgy and heavy engineering. The Ilyich Steel & Iron Works and Azovstal propelled Mariupol on to the European stage in the 20th century as one of the biggest and most productive plants. Mariupol played a key role in the industrialization of Ukraine. Today, Mariupol remains a centre for industry, as well as higher education and business, a legal centre, and is the economic engine of Pryazovia