Culture of Maricao

Due to its importance as a coffee plantation in the past, Maricao has several haciendas that have been turned into museums or guest houses. For example, Hacienda Delicias and Hacienda Juanita. Other places for tourists to visit are the Bamb�a Recreational Center and the Maricao Fish Nursery. Some natural spots to visit are the Monte del Estado forest reserve, the Prieto Lake and the Salto de Curet (a waterfall).

Festivals and events

Maricao has only one annual festival, the End of the Coffee Harvest festival, known locally as the Acabe de Caf� It celebrates the traditional harvest festival wherein the Hacienda Owners would fete their workers at the end of the harvest. It is held on the second weekend of February and has been on going for over thirty years