About Cabo Rojo

Cabo Rojo is a municipality situated on the southwest coast of Puerto Rico and forms part of the San Germ�n�Cabo Rojo metropolitan area as well as the larger Mayag�ez�San Germ�n�Cabo Rojo Combined Statistical Area.

Cabo Rojo (Red Cape in English) derives its name from both the reddish color of its salt-flats and the reddish tint that characterizes the seaside cliffs along its southern coast. According to legend, the name was given by Christopher Columbus himself, although this is highly unlikely. The first church, founded in 1783, was called San Jos�. The present-day main catholic church is called San Miguel Arc�ngel Church located in the town's square.

People from Combate are known as mata con hacha ("those who kill with axes") based on an old folk tale about a fight over the Salinas where those from Cabo Rojo fought with axes against people from the adjacent town of Lajas. The latter apparently fought back by throwing stones and are thus known as tira piedras ("those who throw stones")