About Stryn

Stryn is a municipality in the county of Sogn og Fjordane, Norway. It is located in the traditional district of Nordfjord. The administrative center of the municipality is the village of Stryn which had a population of 2,177 in 2009. The municipality is located along the innermost part of the Nordfjord. Some other villages in Stryn include Loen, Innvik, Olden, and Flo.

Farming, forestry, fruit growing, animal breeding for furs, small manufacturing industries, tourism, and the service trades provide the main occupations. A wide river enters the town from the east after meandering through the fertile Stryn Valley, from Oppstrynsvatn. At the shore of the lake the Jostedalsbreen National Park Centre is situated. At the east end of the lake the road enters the narrower Hjelledalen and shortly zigzags up some 300 metres (980 ft) to the entrance of the first of the three tunnels of the mountain highway leading to Geiranger and Grotli.

Stryn is known for its all year glacier skiing. It is also the home of the footballer-brothers Tore Andr� Flo, Jarle Flo and Jostein Flo, who grew up in the village of Stryn, as well as their footballing-cousin H�vard Flo who is from the village of Flo.


The name (Old Norse Strj�nar) originally (probably) belonged to the river of Stryneelva. The name is derived from strj�nn which means "(strong) stream".

Coat of arms

The coat of arms was introduced in 1987. It shows a yellow branch of a linden (tilia) on a green background.

(See also coat of arms of Lind�s)


Innvik was established as a municipality on 1 January 1838 (see formannskapsdistrikt). The original municipality was identical to the Innvik parish (prestegjeld) with the sub-parishes (sokn) of Oppstryn, Nedstryn, Loen, Olden, Innvik, and Utvik.

In 1843 the sub-parishes of Loen, Oppstryn, and Nedstryn were separated from the municipality of Innvik and became a separate municipality