About Jomfruland

Jomfruland is a small elongated Norwegian island located off the coast of mainland Krager� in the county of Telemark. It measures about 7.5 km by 1 km. Jomfruland provides shelter to the many islands of the Krager� archipelago from the Skagerak seas.

Jomfruland Lighthouse

Approximately on the island's center there are two white lighthouses � one old and one new. Only the newer is in use today. The lighthouses are most characteristic and can be seen from all sides. These towers are often referred to as the characterizing feature of Krager� and the archipelago.

Access to Jomfruland is by water taxi, car ferry, or by private vessel. The island has several guest harbours. The island has several attractions, among which are splendid beaches, developed docks with restaurant and kiosk facilities, rolling stone beaches on the island's north side, as well as good hiking possibilities for tourists and residents alike