About Batu Pahat

Batu Pahat is a district in the state of Johor, Malaysia. It lies southeast of Muar, southwest of Kluang, northwest of Pontian, and south of Segamat and the new Ledang district. The capital of the district is Bandar Penggaram, Batu Pahat.

Batu Pahat town (Bandar Penggaram or BP;) is a town located on the northwest coast of the state of Johor, Malaysia within a district of the same name. It lies south-east of Muar, south-west of Kluang, north-west of Pontian and south of Segamat.

As of 2009, Batu Pahat is the 20th largest urban area in Malaysia in terms of population. In 2006, Batu Pahat surpassed Muar to become the second largest urban area in Johor and by 2012, Batu Pahat is the 16th largest urban area in Malaysia in terms of population.(Malaysia Population)

Batu Pahat has developed rapidly over the past few years, its growth encouraged by people from neighbouring townships who come to visit the local shopping centres. Nowadays, Batu Pahat enjoy the name of "Northern Johor Shopping Paradise" due to the rapid development of those shopping malls and hypermarkets