Economy of Kisii

The economy of Kisii town today is derived from commerce and agriculture. Kisii town is dotted with tall commercial buildings and is ever bustling with activities. Smaller components are in food processing, health care, education. Although it has are few industrial activities, it has potential for larger agro-based industries due to its location in a rich agricultural area. Soapstone quarrying also takes place near the town around Tabaka, south west of the town and a few miles off the Kisii-Isebania Road. Coca-Cola has a bottling and distribution plant in Kisii municipality. Also, the town hosts large supermarket chain stores e.g. Uchumi, Nakumatt and Tusky's. Besides, the town currently hosts 17 commercial banking and financial institutions' branches. These include the long existing Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB), Barclay's Bank, National Bank and Co-operative Bank. Newer entrants in the banking sector such as Equity Bank, Eco-Bank, Diamond Trust Bank, K-Rep Bank and others have also launched new branches in the town taking advantage of the large population and the positioning of Kisii as an increasing commercial hub town. Moreover, like many of Kenya's major urban centers, there is an influx of numerous other business ventures such as the hospitality sector with hotels, bars, restaurants, sports pubs, among other commercial activities