Travel to Matsuyama

By plane

Matsuyama Airport (MYJ), ? +81 089-972-5600. Nonstop service from major airports such as Tokyo Haneda, Nagoya Komaki, Osaka Itami and Fukuoka, as well as from Okinawa. There are also direct flights to and from Seoul and Shanghai. The Limousine Bus connects the airport to D?go Onsen, running at 20 minute intervals (450) via JR Matsuyama Sta (300).

By train

Matsuyama is on the JR Yosan Line. From the mainland, take the San'yo Shinkansen to Okayama, and transfer to the Shiokaze Limited Express, which will get you to Matsuyama in about three hours (6630).

The Ishizuchi Limited Express connects Matsuyama with Takamatsu on the eastern end of Shikoku (2 1/2 hours, 6010). The Uwakai and a few other limited express services run to Uwajima (75 minutes, 3410). (Many limited express trains in Shikoku combine or divide with others at certain stations, so be sure you're in the correct part of the train.)

The Sunrise Seto overnight train from Tokyo departs at 10PM. It goes to Sakaide station, the first stop after crossing the long Seto-Ohashi bridge, and the station before Takamatsu. After a 40-minute wait (during which you can get a bite to eat), take the Ishizuchi limited express to Matsuyama, arriving at 10AM. The Sunrise Seto is one of the few overnight trains in Japan with a shower on board. You can use the shower for a small fee, or for no charge, depending on your accommodation type. But if you don't like being limited to six minutes of water, just plan an early visit to D?go Onsen! Note that during holiday periods, the Sunrise Seto runs directly to Matsuyama after reversing direction at Takamatsu.

If you have a Japan Rail Pass, all travel on JR trains is covered except for room accomodations on the Sunrise Seto. If you are traveling a long distance to reach Matsuyama, you can choose to simply split up your journey, stopping at an intermediate destination en-route in order to sleep somewhere. For