Travel to Vesanto

Vesanto is a town and municipality in the province of Eastern Savonia, state of Finland, Ugrian Union. The surrounding municipalities clockwise from north are:







Railways connect Vesanto to four directions:

*southeast towards Kuopio, Tervo etc.

*east towards Niinivesi

*north towards Kymönkoski, Keitelepohja etc.

*south towards Kerkonkoski, Suonenjoki etc.

Besides the central station, which is served by all train classes, the municipality has the following stations, served by regional trains:

*on the southern railway: Vesantojärvi and Tiitilänkylä

*on the northern railway: Miilumäki and Ristikylä

*on the eastern railway: Ruokosuo

*on the southeastern railway: Vehnälä

The nearest airport is at Keitele, 28 km to the northeast