About Sevettijarvi

Sevettijärvi is a village in the municipality of Inari, Finland approximately 120 kilometers (75 mi) north of downtown Inari. Näätämö, as it is known on the Finnish side of the Norwegian border, is approximately 35 kilometers (22 mi) away. The village’s green, yet stark terrain opens up as Näätämö approaches.

The village is built on what used to be the sea floor during the Ice Age. The rocky shores of the lakes between Sevettijärvi and Näätämö draw the attention of passers-by. These shores are referred to as the “devil’s fields” by locals.

Sevettijärvi and its surrounding areas are one of the main areas where the Skolts live. The majority of Sevettijärvi’s 350 residents, approximately 90%, are Skolt, although there are a few Finns who have moved north living in the village. A few Inari Sámi and Mountain Sámi and some foreigners (French, Dutch) also live in the area