Travel to Pori

There are frequent daily buses between Pori and Helsinki (€34.70, four hours), Rauma (€8.70, 50 to 70 minutes), Turku (€23.20, 2¼ hours) and Tampere (€18.90, 1¾ hours). Some Tampere-bound buses require a change at Huittinen and take considerably longer, so avoid those. There are also direct connections with Vaasa, Oulu and Jyväskylä.

All trains to Pori go via Tampere, where you usually have to change. There are frequent daily trains (regional and Intercity) between Tampere and Pori (€19.90, 1½ hours), all of which have good connections with trains from Helsinki (€35.80, three to four hours).

There are two to four daily flights between Pori and Helsinki (45 minutes). The airport is a couple of kilometers southeast of the centre