Culture of Giron

There is little artisanal production in Girón, but the canton has a rich oral tradition.
The icon of El Señor de Girón is a crucifix from Girón that is believed to bring rain during droughts and to bring prosperity.
Traditionally, women from Girón have worn typical dress consisting of a skirt (pollera) and blouse (blusa bordada). The skirts have three parts: a debajero (petticoat), embroideredpollera (an elegant gathered skirt worn over the petticoat), and a bolsicón (a plain overskirt used to protect the pollera and also used to flirt by lifting the bolsicón to reveal the polleraunderneath. Typical blouses are decorated with lace, stones, and beads. Today, traditional dress has been fading because of economic changes and a surge in migration; traditional clothing is now typically a luxury