About Temuco

Temuco is a commune in the Araucanía Region and the Province of Cautín , Chile , whose capital is the city of the same name.Located 670 miles south of Santiago , capital of Chile . The name comes from the city of Temuco , which is a term in Mapudungun means "water temu". "Temu" (also temu in Mapudungun), the name of two trees in the family Myrtaceae , native to Chile and southwestern Argentina , Luma apiculata and Blepharocalyx cruckschanksii , with reddish bark and leaves or brown in color green. Its flowers have remained between late summer and early autumn, white and very fragrant, nectar that make them attractive to bees. The fruits are edible, sweet flavor and a reddish black dark and called arrayanas  , are sometimes used in the manufacture of chicha . In Mapuche traditional medicine is used to cure some diseases are attributed as stimulants, tonic, diuretic, cough and cold and astringent.  Luma apiculata is not endangered and in Temuco, can be seen in the Natural Monument Ñielol hill due to high humidity in the sector